5 Things I should Have done as Software developer

By | April 24, 2017

Hello, this is not a technical post. But somewhere related to the career of the software developer. I will discuss the 5 important points which I think I should have done in my initial stages of my software developer career.

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If you are in initial stages of your career as software engineer or you are preparing to be a software engineer below points would help you to have fabulous career and growth in software development industry.



5 Things which helped me to have great success as Software developer

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    One of the most important point which each and every software engineer should understand is that nothing is permanent in this industry. Things and technology keep changing at very fast rate. When I started my career 10 years ago, the technology was very different from what it is today. And definitely it will not be the same 10 years down the line.
    Get a habit of reading at least one to two hours a week.If you are in initial stages of the career there are chances that you have less distractions and commitments. Once you grow in life as well as in the career your commitments increases and hence it will be difficult to get spare time for your self development.
    It is a very important point to get some spare time for reading some technical or programming books.

Share the knowledge:

    I have a very bad element. Whatever I read or learn something new, I tend to forget it very easily. But if the same thing I am writing or helping someone else to understand, it remains in my memory for longer time.. That is the reason I started this technology blog.
    Whatever you are learning or reading new or the knowledge you have, it is always better to share with your peers. Or in the community. You can share it by writing blogs or speaking in the local meetups with fellow developers.
    Apart from keeping the concepts in your memory for longer time, it will also help you to have more exposure and more connections in the industry.

Be proactive:

    You can achieve any amount of proficiency in your field if you are more proactive towards your career. Reading, sharing and other attributes can only be achieved if you are developing pro activeness in your attitude.
    Being more pro active can help in other ways in your career. Its all about taking initiatives and taking the first step.

Don’t waste time:

    You will be able to achieve all the above mentioned points if you are properly utilizing your time. If you are simply sitting and watching TV at home or loitering around with friends you will be missing the things which are more important for your career. It doesn’t mean that you should not spend time with near and dear ones or to completely cut of the entertainment part.
    All these things are equally important but you should plan your time.
    Hold a book in your hand instead of that useless TV remote in your spare time or you can spend the time with your family, but watching TV for me is definitely is not an option.

Invest in yourself:

    Always invest in yourself. Be it your time, your money or your energy. Keep some part of all these things for yourself. Without investing quality time you will not be able to read or share any thing. Invest money on yourself by buying books or by taking on lines course or doing some certifications.
    These things will come with great returns in your career.

These are 5 very important things which I have started very late in my career to get awesome results. But if you are in the initial stages of as software developer career I highly recommend to incorporate these changes in your life style and I am sure you will be achieve great results.

  • Pedro René González

    Great Article!!! Thx man

  • Fabricio

    Hi Vikram, this is such a good article. I think the best point to a new programmer is “Don’t waste time”. As you mentioned, hold a book in your hand instead of a TV remote control. The time flies!