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How to Concatenate(add) strings in C#

All of us work with strings in our projects. And if we are not handling strings in proper way it can be a big bottleneck for performance for your tool. Whatever type of application it is in .NET either windows or web we should be very careful with strings. And to be careful we should… Read More »

Parsing Log file using Regular Expression

In this article I will discuss about the regular expression in C#. I will use the regular expression to parse a log text file. This example I am using to have a better understanding of the regular expressions. Moreover I will state the most commonly used patterns.

C# string type with best Examples

C# String In this article I will discuss about the C# string type which is a very important to understand as strings are everywhere in C# programming. The article will go through about type of string, then we will check about some of the important functions which we should be aware of while working on string… Read More »