Learning javascript – Object, primitive and literal

While programming ever wondered what is difference between object, primitive and literal  in javascript? or while reading some article we often get confused among the three. In this article I will cover the difference between the three. Let’s see what all the three mean in javascript programming.

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Learning JavaScript – function explained

In my previous  post I have discussed about the data types in Javascript in which I have discussed about the Javascript function in brief. In this article I want to extend the discussion about the functions with code examples.

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C# Value type and Reference type Explained

Value type and Reference type

In this article I will discuss about the Value type and reference type in C# which are of course the basic building blocks of programming.  These are the two main important pillars of programming in .NET framework, as object oriented programming starts with creation of classes or structs and their variables which we can further use to achieve our programming tasks in C#. This article will point out differences between value type and reference type with C# examples.
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