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My First Experience as Technology Speaker

Since long I had a hidden desire of speaking in front of audience. I wanted to experience how it feels to be in front of people and teach them something useful which they can use in their projects and day to day working scenarios. But I should also admit that I had fear of speaking… Read More »

Welcome to the UWP World

With the new releases of the .NET platform and Visual studio, I was bit afraid being a WPF and XAML programmer as there was nothing new happening in windows side. But with the release of Windows 10 and introduction of UWP there will be great scope for XAML developers in the coming time. Lets get… Read More »

.NET Bangalore Community Meetup

Are you living and working in Bangalore? Are you passionate about .NET platform and Microsoft technologies? If yes these is something very interesting happening in Bangalore on this weekend i.e. on 20th August 2016. Proawareness is hosting a very interesting meetup. Please find the link for the address and schedule here. You can register for the… Read More »

Create N number of instance of C# class

Do you know how to create ‘N’ number of instance of class in C#? In my article about the OOP and C# interview question I have asked one of the question (question number 3). Before reading this article you may want to read about the singleton pattern here.

ASP.NET MVC Partial View Best Example

In my previous article I have discussed about the display of data collection, editing of data uaing HTTPPOST and routing in ASP.NET MVC. In this article I want to discuss about the asp,net mvc partial view. How to create partial view and where to use them. A partial view allows to put the C# and HTMl… Read More »

Disassembling the .NET code using ILSpy

There have been many occasions where we want to see the code of .NET assembly to check what is happening inside or to reverse engineer the dll or disassembling the assembly. Though we can easily see the IL(Intermediate language) code of any assembly using the ILdasm tool which is provided with the visual studio installation.… Read More »

Understanding array in C#

In this article I will discuss about the array in C#, ways in which we can initialize array and various useful commonly used methods of array class which we should know while working with them with code examples and why do we get ‘System.IndexOutOfRangeException’.

Why is StringBuilder is better in performance

As we are learning to program in C# or while we are attending any interview as C# developer, everyone should have encountered this question of , Which is better to user StringBuilder or string class while are manipulating the string content? And with 100% surety we claim that StringBuilder class is better from  the performance… Read More »

Ways to read File C# with examples

In my previous articles I have discussed about the Streaming in .NET and FileStream class in .NET  which will give you a fair idea about the streaming concept in .NET framework. In this article I want to discuss about the various ways in which we can read file C# from the File System (backing store).

Working With Stream .NET(C#)

Stream .NET(C#) Stream in .NET has always been a topic which I want to understand in depth, which in turn should help me to program better my applications which are interacting with data present in the memory, network or hard disk which are also storage mediums and the same data I should be able to… Read More »

Working with thread pool in C#

I have already discussed about the basics of the thread in my previous article. In this article I will discuss about the working with thread pool in C#. Why do we need thread pool? How to use them in the programming scenarios? And other stuff related to them.

Multithreading in C# – Basics

Multithreading in C# In this article I will discuss about the basics of multithreading in C#. First I will start with the threads in C#, what are they and why do they exist in .NET. After that I will discuss about having a multithreaded application in C# and Pros and cons or benefits and drawbacks… Read More »

Understanding events in C# with Example

Events in C#  In one of my previous article I have discussed about the delegates in C#. In this article I will discuss about the events in C# and .NET framework and I will use C# as the programming language for the real programming example. CodeProject

C# Virtual, Override, new and Abstract keywords

Virtual, override, abstract and new keywords introduction Virtual, override, abstract and new keywords are some of the most confused and most frequently used keywords of the object oriented concepts in C#. In this article I will explain all of these keywords and the contexts in which they are used in the C# programming with the… Read More »

Interface Example in C#

Interface in C# Interface in C# has been introduced to implement multiple inheritance, which is not possible using the Classes. You can go through my article why .NET does not support Multiple inheritance. Using interfaces we can implement two or more interface contract to a single class which I will show with some interface example.… Read More »

Constant, readonly, Static variable keywords via Csharp IL

Constant, readonly and static  are most used and confused keywords in .NET framework. This article briefly explains about all of these keywords and explains them in the scenarios they can be used in. Moreover as we should also familiar with these keywords from the CLR’s perspective.

Learning Dependency property WPF

Dependency Property WPF In this article I will discuss about the Dependency property WPF has been introduced to overcome some of the shortcoming of the regular property system.NET along with the code example in XAML. Going further I will discuss why do we need dependency property. Properties help us to encapsulate the information of the class… Read More »

C# Delegate with example

C# delegate Introduction In this article I will discuss about the basics of delegate in C# and how CLR behaves with them explained with a code example.Delegates are reference types that take a method as parameter and once the delegate is invoked the method is called. Once we declare a delegate we need to provide… Read More »