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Learning JavaScript – Prototype and Inheritance

In my earlier article in this series of learning JavaScript I have discussed about the data types , functions, this keyword and properties and classes. In this article I will discuss about a very important concept of JavaScript known as prototype with code examples. After that I will discuss how we can use prototype to create… Read More »

Interface Example in C#

Interface in C# Interface in C# has been introduced to implement multiple inheritance, which is not possible using the Classes. You can go through my article why .NET does not support Multiple inheritance. Using interfaces we can implement two or more interface contract to a single class which I will show with some interface example.… Read More »

Why C# doesn’t support multiple inheritance?

Why C# doesn’t support multiple inheritance? I have started writing my new blog about the Interfaces in C#. But as soon as we read about interfaces, the first thing everyone mentions is that C# does not support multiple inheritance(MI) rather it supports MI but in its downgraded version viz. MI is supported in .NET framework… Read More »