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Breaking Down the ASP.NET core project and WebHostBuilder

Hello, In this article I will break down the ASP.NET core project and understand it in chunks. Although we can always start by creating a full fledged MVC supported project by selecting the template in the start of creating a project. In this article I have created a ASP.NET core project and tried to execute… Read More »

Creating my first .NET Core CLI project

Hello, In this article I will show you how we can create a .NET core cli project without the help of visual studio. You can check this article about downloading and installing the .NET core on your machine. In the same article I showed how we can create web application in the .NET core platform.

How to add ASP.NET Core Web configuration file

This article will help you to understand about adding the ASP.NET Core Web Configuration File. In my previous article I have discussed about the prerequisites to develop ASP.NET core web project and the asp.net core web project structure. The links are below.

ASP.NET Core Folder & Files Structure

In this article I will discuss the project and folder structure for the ASP.NET core web application, I have created my first application using ASP.NET core framework in my previous article. This article includes the concepts and role of the wwwroot folder present in the application. I will also discuss about the appsettings.json, global.json and… Read More »