My First Experience as Technology Speaker

By | November 30, 2016

Since long I had a hidden desire of speaking in front of audience. I wanted to experience how it feels to be in front of people and teach them something useful which they can use in their projects and day to day working scenarios. But I should also admit that I had fear of speaking in front of gathering.

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Though I had given small talks in my organisation and nothing apart from that.

I was searching for a chance to speak anything related to my technology expertise and knowledge. And as they say where there is a will there is a way. I got my first chance to speak in front of very smart and enthusiastic audience at a meetup in Bangalore. This is a meetup organised by Prowareness every 3 months in Bangalore. This was the ninth edition of the meetup.

The meetup had very interesting topics related to the hottest things happening in the .NET platform and technology. All the speakers were extraordinary and they present their topics in precise and easily understandable way.

You can find the link of the meetup here :

Bangalore .NET meetup

Bangalore .NET meetup



The topic I selected to speak about was working with Azure Logic Apps which is a very new addition to azure services. I will talk about the talk abstract and my learning from the talk in this blog post.

Though it is always difficult to choose a topic for a technology talk. But since I have worked on Logic apps to create some POCs for integration in my job. I had a fair nice idea of what is logic app, where and all it can be used.

The points I discussed in the talk were.

  1. What are logic Apps.
  2. In which scenarios we can use logic apps.
  3. How logic apps use the potential of various connectors to have seem less integration without writing complex code.
  4. I presented an example with the demo.

I really liked my experience of talking and sharing the knowledge with technology people. And definitely will be looking for more chances to speak and share.

I had even some takeaways from the speech which I should improve in my next speech.

  • Prepare well before speaking keeping time constraints in mind.
  • More emphasis on practical demo rather then slides.
  • Be prepared for last minute glitches.

Just before ending the article I would again like to than Prowareness for giving me an opportunity and providing me a stage to speak. Thank you Jacob, Koushik , Anand and other organizers who had put lots of efforts to make this event successful.

And all the attendees for giving me their precious time.

Please find the presentation and code files for the talk at this location in Githhub :

I request all the attendees to please share your thoughts in the comments section of this article.