Create N number of instance of C# class

By | August 10, 2016

Do you know how to create ‘N’ number of instance of class in C#? In my article about the OOP and C# interview question I have asked one of the question (question number 3). Before reading this article you may want to read about the singleton pattern here.

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Creating N instance of class

What is the best way to create ‘N’ number of instance of a class. Please check the code below to find the answer.

As you can see in the above C# code I have created a simple class with private constructor. I can access the public static method named GetInstace(), to get the instance. If the number of instances are more then 5 we will get an exception.

In the above class I have created a class with private constructor. And a static field to keep the number of counts of the instances created.If the count exceeds any specified number an exception is thrown.

Create instance of class for each assembly

If I want to extend this example with an instance for each assembly. I have to write the code as shown below


In the above code I have used a dictionary to keep records of all the instances created for the assemblies. If the dictionary already contains the instance. The same instance is returned otherwise a new instance is returned and stored in the dictionary.

In this article I have discussed the ways to create the n instance of a class in C#. And their usage examples.