How to add ASP.NET Core Web configuration file

This article will help you to understand about adding the ASP.NET Core Web Configuration File. In my previous article I have discussed about the prerequisites to develop ASP.NET core web project and the core web project structure. The links are below.

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ASP.NET Core Folder & Files Structure

In this article I will discuss the project and folder structure for the ASP.NET core web application, I have created my first application using ASP.NET core framework in my previous article. This article includes the concepts and role of the wwwroot folder present in the application. I will also discuss about the appsettings.json, global.json and project.json files.

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ASP.NET Core Prerequisites and First Web Application

Hello, In this article I will discuss about the latest .NET framework introduced by Miscrosoft. The latest framework is known as .NET core. I will discuss about the prerequisites to get started with ASP.NET core. We will develop our first web application in the newly introduced framework.

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The view 'Index' or its master was not found or no view engine supports the searched locations

Adding ASP.NET MVC view for Action Method

Do you know how to add the ASP.NET MVC View for a action method in the MVC project? or How does ASP.NET MVC engine searches for a view. Let’s develop a simple ASP.NET MVC application from scratch with controller and action in C# to find answer to these questions.

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ASP.NET MVC Partial View Best Example

In my previous article I have discussed about the display of data collection, editing of data uaing HTTPPOST and routing in ASP.NET MVC. In this article I want to discuss about the asp,net mvc partial view. How to create partial view and where to use them. A partial view allows to put the C# and HTMl code into the file which can be used across multiple views in the same application. In the end of the article I will show the use of ChildActionOnly attribute for the action methods.

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ASP.NET MVC Routing Explained with Example


In my previous article I have discussed about the how to display a collection data and how to edit the dataBut one of the important concept of the ASP.NET MVC is directing of the request to the proper controller. I will ponder over this important concept of mvc routing with code examples in this article which will make you understand about it. I will also show how we can add default routes to handle the request from client applications.

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Editing data in ASP.NET MVC with HttpPost

Editing the data in ASP.NET MVC

In my previous article I have shown how we can create an application to display a data collection in the ASP.NET MVC application. The beauty of ASP.NET MVC is that it takes care of all the plumbing and binding of the Model and View by itself but we should be aware of what is happening. This article is in continuation of the previous article. In this article we will see how we can Edit the data which we have created in the last application with code examples and we will learn about the HTML helpers and how they can be helpful in creating web application.

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Create an ASP.NET MVC application to display Data Collection

In this series of the article I will discuss about the ASP.NET MVC, the concepts and terminologies which we should be aware while working on this wonderful technology. In the first part of the series I will create an ASP.NET MVC application from scratch to display a collection of data in the tabular form. I will add a controller to the application and a corresponding view to the same controller which will be helpful to show the data.While going through the article I will discuss about the important concepts along with code examples. I will use VS 2015 to create the application.

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