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WCF or Web Api ? Make your own choice.

There are lots of article out there to explain you the difference between WCF and Web Api. But while working in practical scenarios which one to choose ? In this article I will cover the difference from the pragmatic point of view which should help you to choose the best among WCF and web api.

WCF Bindings and Types Explained

In this article I will discuss about the various WCF bindings and associated behaviours. In one of my article I have discussed how we can create self hosted WCF service in C#. In that project I have used basicHttpBinding to communicate between client and the host. If you want to know about the WCF proxy class,… Read More »

Using and Generating WCF Proxy class

In this article I will discuss about the WCF proxy class. Basically this article will include what is a WCF proxy class and ways to generate it on the client. In my previous articles I have discussed about the WCF contracts and creating a WCF service from scratch. I will use C# language for this article.

Developing Self Hosted WCF service

In this article I will discuss about the WCF service using C#. Later we will be creating self hosted WCF service from scratch. In this article I will not use the templates provided by the Visual Studio to create WCF service. Instead of that I will create the application from scratch to get the better understanding.… Read More »

WCF Contract and Terminologies with Examples

Before starting the series on the WCF services, I want to discuss the differences between WCF contract which include Service contract, data contract and Operation contract. Apart from this other basic WCF terminologies which we should be aware of with C# code examples.