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Sample HTML and CSS for starting web application

Many times I want to try out some thing new with HTML, CSS and jquery. But as soon as I start out doing some set up for my experiments for all of the three, it takes me lot of time to do the set up and have some initial UI on which I can do… Read More »

Javascript Immediately invoked function Expression(IIFE)

Hello, While learning JavaScript, I was always confused about the weird looking syntax of executing a function. Since I am very clear about these functions in javascript I will try to explain them in this article in an easy and concise way. This weird looking function is known as IIFE(Immediately  invoked function Expression) in javascript.

JQuery Selectors – A Quick Reference

In this article I will discuss the various ways by which we can select an element in HTML page using Jquery. If you want to know how to start Jquery development you can read this article. After setting up the project and environment we can start our development with Jquery selectors.

Learning javascript – Object, primitive and literal

While programming ever wondered what is difference between object, primitive and literal  in javascript? or while reading some article we often get confused among the three. In this article I will cover the difference between the three. Let’s see what all the three mean in javascript programming.

Learning JavaScript – Prototype and Inheritance

In my earlier article in this series of learning JavaScript I have discussed about the data types , functions, this keyword and properties and classes. In this article I will discuss about a very important concept of JavaScript known as prototype with code examples. After that I will discuss how we can use prototype to create… Read More »

Learning JavaScript – Classes and Properties with Examples

In my previous posts I have discussed about the datatypes, functions and this keyword in javascript. In this article I will discuss about the anonymous type,  class, properties and how we can achieve encapsulation in JavaScript with code examples.

Learning Javascript – Namespace and scoping

In my previous posts I have discussed about functions and this keyword in javascript. In this post I will discuss about the scoping and namespace in javascript. How namespace can prevent from the prevention of the pollution of the code which is created due to lack of proper scoping.

Learning Javascript – ‘this’ keyword with examples

In my previous article I have discussed about the javascript functions. In this article I will continue discussing the use of ‘this’ keyword with code examples and I will also discuss about the bind method which can be used to change the context of execution. The ‘this’ keyword is not same as C#.

Learning JavaScript – function explained

In my previous  post I have discussed about the data types in Javascript in which I have discussed about the Javascript function in brief. In this article I want to extend the discussion about the functions with code examples.

Learning Javascript – Knowing the Data Types

Like all other programming languages javascript also have the types which we should be aware of while programming.In this article I will discuss all the data types in JavaScript like Boolean types, string types, arrays, reference types and functions with examples which will make it easier to understand.

How to add javascript code to the HTML page

This is a very basic article for the beginners, to let the developer know where in the HTML we should place the JavaScript code. While writing the JavaScript as a beginner programmer, most of the time developer doesn’t know where to write the JavaScript code and they spend too much time looking for the solution for… Read More »