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How to Concatenate(add) strings in C#

All of us work with strings in our projects. And if we are not handling strings in proper way it can be a big bottleneck for performance for your tool. Whatever type of application it is in .NET either windows or web we should be very careful with strings. And to be careful we should… Read More »

Abstraction and Encapsulation – The two OOP Pillars in C#

Hello, Till recently I was not sure what exactly is abstraction. And its importance in OOP(object oriented programming). And the top results in Google search confuse you more about abstraction principle. In this article I will be explaining both abstraction and encapsulation with relevant examples in C#.

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Quick Sort with very easy explanation in C#

Hello, In this article I will discuss one of the very good example of recursive programming. This is the quick sort algorithm where we sort the input list of the elements by divide and conquer technique. The code for the explanation of the article is written in C#. But it is very easily understandable and… Read More »

How to use Left Join in C# Linq

In this article I will discuss about the how to perform a left join in C# Linq. You may think why to discuss Left join separately in an article. This is due to the reason that LINQ doesn’t provide any keyword like left join in C#.  As you will see there is a workaround to… Read More »

How to use Join in LINQ with C#

In this article I will show how to use Join in Linq with C# examples.  Joins in Linq work much like the join in relational database but there are some subtle difference which you will find below. You may find the below article informative.

How to find Fibonacci Series with Dynamic Programming

Hello, In this article I will discuss about the dynamic programming. How we can use the concept of dynamic programming to solve the time consuming problem. I will use the example of the calculating the Fibonacci series. This is only an example of how we can solve the highly time consuming code and convert it… Read More »

C# Null object Design pattern

There is a pattern present to handle the null object in programming. Want to know more about the pattern? Read this article to fully understand the null object design pattern with C# code example. Or are you annoyed of the most frustrating exception of the programming i.e. “NullReferenceException – Object reference not set to an… Read More »

ManualResetEvent with practical C# example

Hello, want to know about the practical use of ManualResetEvent in C# Threading scenarios? I will discuss in this article about the simplest signalling construct with a practical code example.

Using Enum to store multiple bool fields

Hello, Once I attended an interview for the C# programming job. And programmer asked me a question. Though I was not able to answer the question. But I will share here the question and the answer using enum in this post which can help you to encounter any such scenario in your job.

How to perform C# Asynchronous operations

In this article I will discuss about the different ways in which we can perform a long running operation asynchronously in C#. I will discuss all the cases with examples. This will help you to decide which method you can opt for while working asynchronous programming.

Comparing C# types – IComparable or IComparer

How to make best of the interfaces provided by .NET framework for comparison types? In this article I will discuss why to use IComparable or IComparer interfaces. And why do we need to compare types in .NET at first place.Lets’s start checking all the aspects one by one by using C# examples.

Correct way to provide parameter to C# Task

In this article I will discuss the correct way to provide input parameter to the task and not to use the shared variable for the tasks. Before reading further you may want to read my previous articles about tasks.

Analysing the code using Big O notation

Are you writing software an any programming language? If yes, have you ever wondered while writing even a simple iteration or recursive method how good or bad is it? In this article I will try to analyse my algorithm which I have written to get some end results. I will use C# as the language.… Read More »

Important IEnumerable methods for Fast programming

In this article I will discuss some of the important functions which have been provided by the .NET framework for IEnumerable types. These functions comes very handy to work in fast paced development.Lets see what are these functions are. I will use C# as the language for the examples.

Implementing Equality For C# value Types

Introduction In one of the previous article I have discussed about the equality in C#. In that article I have shown why it is important to override the Equal() method of the base object class for value types. and what is the correct way to provide the equality for the value types in C#.