I am an AWS Certified solutions Architect : Associate

This article is coming a bit late. I cleared my first step to be AWS architect(Professional) on 21 January. This is a good news for me to start a new year. While preparing for the exam I got to know  a lot about the services which AWS offers. This was an interesting journey, full of… Read More »

Auto type conversion in VB.NET

Type conversion is an important aspect of any programming language. Type conversion happen when we try to assign value of one type to value of another type. These are the types of conversion which are automatically done by vb.net compiler.

Windows AWS EC2 instance to host a Web application – Part 1

Hello,In this article I will discuss about how to set up an EC2 instance to expose a NodeJS app hosted. The application will be visible to the outside world as well and anyone should be able to browse the application from his or her system.

Breaking Down the ASP.NET core project and WebHostBuilder

Hello, In this article I will break down the ASP.NET core project and understand it in chunks. Although we can always start by creating a full fledged MVC supported project by selecting the template in the start of creating a project. In this article I have created a ASP.NET core project and tried to execute… Read More »

Sample HTML and CSS for starting web application

Many times I want to try out some thing new with HTML, CSS and jquery. But as soon as I start out doing some set up for my experiments for all of the three, it takes me lot of time to do the set up and have some initial UI on which I can do… Read More »

Creating my first .NET Core CLI project

Hello, In this article I will show you how we can create a .NET core cli project without the help of visual studio. You can check this article about downloading and installing the .NET core on your machine. In the same article I showed how we can create web application in the .NET core platform.

How to Concatenate(add) strings in C#

All of us work with strings in our projects. And if we are not handling strings in proper way it can be a big bottleneck for performance for your tool. Whatever type of application it is in .NET either windows or web we should be very careful with strings. And to be careful we should… Read More »

Abstraction and Encapsulation – The two OOP Pillars in C#

Hello, Till recently I was not sure what exactly is abstraction. And its importance in OOP(object oriented programming). And the top results in Google search confuse you more about abstraction principle. In this article I will be explaining both abstraction and encapsulation with relevant examples in C#.

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Quick Sort with very easy explanation in C#

Hello, In this article I will discuss one of the very good example of recursive programming. This is the quick sort algorithm where we sort the input list of the elements by divide and conquer technique. The code for the explanation of the article is written in C#. But it is very easily understandable and… Read More »

WPF interview most frequent question and answers

Hello, In this article I will discuss about the most frequently asked WPF interview questions and their answers. In my previous articles I have discussed about C# and OOP interview question. You can find their link mentioned below.

How to use Left Join in C# Linq

In this article I will discuss about the how to perform a left join in C# Linq. You may think why to discuss Left join separately in an article. This is due to the reason that LINQ doesn’t provide any keyword like left join in C#.  As you will see there is a workaround to… Read More »

How to use Join in LINQ with C#

In this article I will show how to use Join in Linq with C# examples.  Joins in Linq work much like the join in relational database but there are some subtle difference which you will find below. You may find the below article informative.

How to find Fibonacci Series with Dynamic Programming

Hello, In this article I will discuss about the dynamic programming. How we can use the concept of dynamic programming to solve the time consuming problem. I will use the example of the calculating the Fibonacci series. This is only an example of how we can solve the highly time consuming code and convert it… Read More »

5 Things I should Have done as Software developer

Hello, this is not a technical post. But somewhere related to the career of the software developer. I will discuss the 5 important points which I think I should have done in my initial stages of my software developer career.

Javascript Immediately invoked function Expression(IIFE)

Hello, While learning JavaScript, I was always confused about the weird looking syntax of executing a function. Since I am very clear about these functions in javascript I will try to explain them in this article in an easy and concise way. This weird looking function is known as IIFE(Immediately  invoked function Expression) in javascript.

Call AWS Lambda Directly using C# code

Hello, my dear friends. In last two article I discussed about the serverless computing, and how we can create serverless code using the lambda in AWS. In this small article I will show how we can call aws lambda function hosted in cloud.