UWP Architecture

Welcome to the UWP World

With the new releases of the .NET platform and Visual studio, I was bit afraid being a WPF and XAML programmer as there was nothing new happening in windows side. But with the release of Windows 10 and introduction of UWP there will be great scope for XAML developers in the coming time. Lets get introduced to the UWP world in this small introductory write up.

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.NET Bangalore Community Meetup

Are you living and working in Bangalore? Are you passionate about .NET platform and Microsoft technologies? If yes these is something very interesting happening in Bangalore on this weekend i.e. on 20th August 2016. Proawareness is hosting a very interesting meetup. Please find the link for the address and schedule here. You can register for the event at the same link.

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The view 'Index' or its master was not found or no view engine supports the searched locations

Adding ASP.NET MVC view for Action Method

Do you know how to add the ASP.NET MVC View for a action method in the MVC project? or How does ASP.NET MVC engine searches for a view. Let’s develop a simple ASP.NET MVC application from scratch with controller and action in C# to find answer to these questions.

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WCF bindings and Types

WCF Bindings and Types Explained

In this article I will discuss about the various WCF bindings and associated behaviours. In one of my article I have discussed how we can create self hosted WCF service in C#. In that project I have used basicHttpBinding to communicate between client and the host. If you want to know about the WCF proxy class, you can read this article.

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instance C#

Create N number of instance of C# class

Do you know how to create ‘N’ number of instance of class in C#? In my article about the OOP and C# interview question I have asked one of the question (question number 3). Before reading this article you may want to read about the singleton pattern here.

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How Twitter has helped me to start my Blog

How twitter can help you be always motivated?In this article I will discuss how twitter has helped me to start my own blog.  I always wanted to write. I have a habit of maintaining my notes of whatever I read or learn. I always wanted to write about these things which I am reading or learning. Please note that I am not promoting any product or person here.

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OOP and C# Tricky Interview Question

Hello, In this article I will ask some of the tricky C# and OOP interview question which are asked at experienced level. These questions can be faced by all the experienced C# professionals appearing for the IT companies interviews.

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Different Ways to Bind WPF View And View Model

How to bind View and View model in WPF or how to set DataContext of View? In this article I will discuss about the different ways to bind the View and View Model in WPF. In one of my article I have discussed about the MVVM pattern in the WPF and its various components (i.e. View, View Model and Model). If you want to learn about the data binding in WPF you can learn here. This article I have developed using C# language.

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Search, Group ListBox Items Using CollectionViewSource

Have you ever tried of searching the items in ListBox without any button event? In this article we will see how to search Filter the Items in the WPF listbox using CollectionViewSource. In the first part I will discuss about the CollectionViewSource. It’s functionalities and features followed by its working. Then I will use CollectionViewSource to search as well as group items in ListBox as an example. This example can be duplicated for all the items control of WPF  like combobox, datagrid etc.
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Learning javascript – Object, primitive and literal

While programming ever wondered what is difference between object, primitive and literal  in javascript? or while reading some article we often get confused among the three. In this article I will cover the difference between the three. Let’s see what all the three mean in javascript programming.

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Provider Implementation to make Extensible Software

Ever thought how we can replace the class instance without recompiling the project in C#? In this article I will discuss how we can use Provider pattern to make extensible software. In one of my article I have talked about loose coupling and dependency injectionI will use a very simple example to demonstrate how we can replace the functionality of one assembly or class without even compiling the project. This will be done dynamically at run time. I have used C# as the language for this project.

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Achieving Loose Coupling using Dependency Injection

In this article I will discuss about the tight coupling and loose coupling. Why loose coupling is a better way of programming? How to achieve loose coupling using dependency injection? How to achieve dependency injection using unity framework ? You should be able to answer all these questions after reading the article. All there topics I will discuss here with the help of C# code examples.

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Deep dive into Reference and Value type Equality

In this article I will discuss the two most common ways to compare the value type and reference types in C# in .NET. You can refer here to know about the value types and reference types. System.Object contains an virtual method known as Equals. It also contains the operator overloading for the equality operator “==”.

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WPF MVVM Practical Data Application

In this article I will discuss about the WPF MVVM(Model-View-View Model) design pattern. I will create a simple data driven application in WPF which will use MVVM pattern. I have used C# language and Visual Studio 2015 Community to develop the application. I have also used Entity Framework to interact with data base. First I will discuss about the MVVM and its uses. Then I develop a simple CRUD application using the MVVM concepts.

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Entity Framework Migration and Synchronization

In  my previous article I have showed how we can create a database using the code first approach in Entity Framework. But there is more then this in Entity framework. Suppose we have to keep the database updated with the changes in the class or update the data in the database. We should use the migration and synchronizing techniques which Entity Framework provides. Here I will discuss these techniques with code examples.
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Entity Framework Application Using Code First

In this article I will show how we can work with Entity Framework. I will develop a WPF client application which will use code first technique. I have used WPF application for demo purpose only. The Client can be any application like asp.net, asp.net MVC. My application can be used as an code example to start working with entity framework in C#.

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Creating and Installing Windows Service

In this article I will discuss about the windows service development and installation. The benefit of having a windows service is that we can put a timer in the service and do the operation on specified time span. Using that timer the service will keep performing its operation. I will develop the service using the C# as language.

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Why do we use Abstract class

In one of my previous article I have described about why do we use interface in C#But in C# we have very important class known as abstract class. Abstract class can have one or more methods which can be abstract(only signature). But interface only contain the method signature. Then how is an abstract class different from an interface in C#. It is one of the favourite question in C# interview. What is abstract class and why do we use it?

You can learn more about virtual, override , new and abstract keywords here .

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Parsing Log file using Regular Expression

In this article I will discuss about the regular expression in C#. I will use the regular expression to parse a log text file. This example I am using to have a better understanding of the regular expressions. Moreover I will state the most commonly used patterns.
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Simple observer pattern using delegate

In this article I will discuss about the observer pattern in C# with simple code example. I will use the publisher subscriber mechanism of the delegates to implement the observer pattern.

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